10th ENGLISH - REFRESHER COURSE MODULE - 2 , DEGREES OF COMPARISON - QUESTION & ANSWER / 10 ஆங்கிலம் - புத்தாக்கப் பயிற்சிக் கட்டகம் - 2 , வினா & விடை




2. Degrees of Comparison


• Using grammar items in context such as reporting verbs, passive and tense, time and tense etc.


The teacher explains the three degrees of comparison as follows.

1. Positive degree:

The Positive degree of an adjective states the characteristics of the noun.

(e.g) Suresh is a clever boy.

2. Comparative degree:

The Comparative degree is used when two things (or two sets of things) are compared.

(e.g) Vinoth is younger than Vijay.

3. Superlative degree:

The Superlative degree is used when more than two things are compared.

(eg) Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system.

The teacher uses the picture and asks the students to frame sentences in three degrees.


The teacher explains the transformation of sentences from one degree to others as follows:

Type 1: Comparing two things

Positive to comparative and comparative to positive are possible in this type.

Positive Degree            Comparative Degree

As + adj + as -      Not + comparative form of adj +                                   than

Not + so + adj + as - Comparative form of adj+                                              than


1. Arun is as tall as Ravi. (Positive)

Ravi is not taller than Arun. (Comparative)

2. A donkey is not so strong as a horse. (Positive)

A horse is stronger than a donkey. (Comparative)

Type 2:


No other 


Comparative form of adj+ than any other


The + superlative form of adj


No other leader is so great as Gandhi. (Positive)

Gandhi is greater than any other leader. (Comparative)

Gandhi is the greatest leader. (Superlative)

Type 3:

Positive  -  Very few ...as + adj + as

Comparative - 

Comparative form of adj+

than many other /most other


One of the + superlative form of adj


Very few trees are as big as Banyan. (Positive)

Banyan is bigger than many other trees. (Comparative)

Banyan is one of the biggest trees. (Superlative)


The teacher distributes some flash cards on which adjectives are written in all the three forms (positive, comparative, superlative). The students have to read out the adjectives, they should say the degree and have to frame a sentence using that adjective. All the students will do this activity.


Fat -  Anusiya is a fat girl.

Bigger - My bag is bigger than yours.

Biggest -  999 is the biggest three-digit number.


The teacher divides the students into two groups and gives a question card to each group.
A student from each group should go around the class and find out the answers for those
questions. The student who gels the answers first is the winner of this game.


1. Who is the most intelligent student in the class?
2. Who are all shorter than Amudha?
3. Who has the longest hair in the class?
4. Who is the most popular person in sports in the classroom?
5. Who are all taller than Nithya?

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I Fill in the blanks with other degrees of the adjectives:

Positive                Comparative       Superlative

far                         farther                  farthest

many                    more                     most

pretty                   prettiest               prettiest

strong                  stronger               strongest

important          more important  most important

II Fill in the blanks with correct form of degrees:

1. New York is one of the largest  (large) towns in the world.

2. A dictionary is heavier  (heavy) than a pocket book.

3. In summer, the nights are shorter  (short) than the days.

4. E mail is the fastest  (fast) means of communication.

5. Sara is the smartest  ( smart) girl in our class.

III Compare two objects and write it in sentence:

1. Fruits - sweets (healthy)

Ans : Fruits are healthier than sweets.

2. March - June (cold)

Ans :  The month June is colder than the month March

3. English - German (Difficult)

Ans : Germon is more difficult than English

4. City - Town (big)

Ans : A city is bigger than a town

5. Mango - Apple (sweet)

Ans : Mango is sweeter than an apple.

IV Compose Positive, Comparative and Superlative sentences using the clues and
the pictures given:

1 . Ajay is a young boy.

2 . Saran is younger than Ajay.

3 . Arun is the youngest of all the three.

V Change the sentences into the other degrees:

1. Hurricanes are as dangerous as Tornadoes.
(Change into comparative degree)

Hurricanes are not more dangerous than Tornadoes.

2. Very few Indian languages are as ancient as Tamil.
(Change into superlative degree)

Tamil is one of the most ancient languages.

3. Asia is the largest continent.
(Change into positive degree)

No other continent is as large as Asia

4. Akbar was greater than many other rulers of India.
(Change into superlative degree)

Akbar was one the greatest rulers of India.

5. Gold is costlier than Silver. (Change into positive degree)

Silver is not so costly as Gold 

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