10th ENGLISH - REFRESHER COURSE MODULE - 1 , PREPOSITIONS - QUESTION & ANSWER / 10 - ஆங்கிலம் - புத்தாக்கப் பயிற்சிக்கட்டகம் - 1 , வினா & விடை


10th - ENGLISH 

Refresher Course Module

1 Prepositions


• Using grammar items in context such as reporting verbs, passive and tense, time and tense etc


The teacher keeps the ball in different positions on the table and asks the students to answer thequestions like 'Where is the ball now?'

The teacher elicits answers like 'The ball is on the table' and explains 'Prepositions in detail asfollows.

A preposition is a word that is placed before a noun or pronoun to show its relationship with other words in a sentence. Its kinds are prepositions of time, prepositions of place, prepositions of movement.

I. Prepositions of time: (in, on, at, since, for, during)

They indicate when a particular event happened.

II. Prepositions of place: (in, on, between, behind, under, over, near)

They indicate a location.

III. Prepositions of movement: (to, into, towards, through)

They indicate movement.

The teacher gives some examples.

Since and for:

'Since' is used to refer to a particular point of time.

Example: I have been studying since morning.

'For' is used to refer to the particular period of time.

Example: I have been working here for 4 years.

During and in:

Both are used to describe the actions that happen in a particular period of time.

Example: I will visit the zoo during the holidays.

I will visit the zoo in the holidays.

Between and among:

'Between' is used when there are two elements. It refers to two things which are clearly separated.

Example: Our house is between the mountain and the sea.

'Among is used when there are more than two elements. It talks about things which are not
clearly separated because they are part of a group or crowd or mass of objects.

Example: The stream is hidden among the trees.


The teacher asks the students to match the Columns A and B and to make meaningful sentences, then find the types of prepositions in these sentences.

1. She went to the market   - a) on Monday.

2. He was born -  b) in the evening to buy vegetables.

3. The function starts sharply - c) by tomorrow

4. The student will finish the homework - d) for 2 days.

5. It was raining continuously -  e) during the summer holidays.

6. We went to Ooty - f) at 4 pm tomorrow


The teacher shows a picture and writes some sentences on the black board and asks the students to fill in the blanks with prepositions:


(On, in, beside, under, in front of)

The girl is sitting on  a bench 

There is a ball on her lap.

Her red bicycle is beside the bench.

We can see grass under  the bench.

There is a yellow basket in front of  her bicycle


            The teacher divides the class into teams of four members and gives them 10 prepositions. The prepositions to be practiced on the board are: on, in, under, in front of, into, above, behind, at, below, between. The teacher writes some sentences on the blackboard and asks the students to come and fill in the blanks using the prepositions.


I. Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions:

1. Would you like to go to  the cinema tonight?

2. No, thanks. I was  at the cinema yesterday.

3. There is a bridge across  the river.

4. Come to the sitting room, we want to watch TV.

5. Ooty lies above 3000 meters above  the sea level.

II. Choose the correct preposition:

1. I ate idly and sambar for  (on/for) breakfast today.

2. He threw the paper plane across (above/across) the room.

3. She sits  beside (beside/within) her friend in the class room.

4. The watch Malathi wore was a gift from (from/on) her aunt.

5. The boat sailed over  (over/in) 100 miles.

III. Complete the story with suitable prepositions from the box:

(down, into, for, in, from, through, on, of, to, by, at)

         Dean Swift was a witty writer of the 18th century. One day one of his friends sent him
a present through  a servant. This boy had often been in such errands before, but he never got
a tip from Dean. The servant walked into  Dean's at house, knocked at the door and said rudely,
"IIere is a present my master has sent you”. "Young man," said Dean, "This is not the way to 
deliver a present. Let me give you a lesson on manners.

IV. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

1. Meena has achieved a lot in her life but she cannot be given the credit (i) for  all that she
boasts (ii) about 

2. Sandwiches are snacks made (i) of bread and some filling (ii) in it.

3. There is a playground (i) behind our house where children play (ii) in the evening.

4. The program begins (i) in  an hour and I have to be there (ii) at  6 p.m.

5. The class was divided (i) into  two groups and each group had (ii) to vote a leader (iii)
among themselves who would represent them (iv) for the class debale (v) in the annual

V. Match the entries in list land list 2 to form complete sentences:

List 1

1. I can't write
2. His dad and mom will leave
3. This is a valley
4. You should buy some toys
5. Prabhu will not get the award

List 2

a after the vacation.
b)for the kids.
c ) cunless he works hard.
d ) with this gel pen.
e between two hills.


1. I can't write    -  with this gel pen

2. His dad and mom will leave - after the vacation 

3. This is a valley  - between two hills

4. You should buy some toys  - for the kids

5. Prabhu will not get the award - unless he works hard

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